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Kool Aid Stain Removal

COIT’s Guide on how to Remove Kool Aid Stains

Who doesn’t love a glass of iced cold Kool-Aid on a hot summer day? It’s quite refreshing. But it’s anything but refreshing when it gets on your carpet and leaves a visible Kool-Aid stain.  

With COIT’s guide to removing Kool-Aid stains, you can tackle any accidental stains on your carpet.  Don’t panic – with a few handy at home-remedies, a little Kool-Aid won’t ruin your day, but before let's get some background information about Kool Aid.

History of Kool-Aid

Before we jump into discussing how to remove kool-aid stains, let’s take a closer look at this popular beverage. 

Have you ever wondered about the history of Kool-Aid? It actually was invented in Hastings, Nebraska back in 1927 by a man named Edwin Perkins. All of his mixing experiments took place in his mother’s kitchen, where he took a liquid concentrate called Fruit Smack and removed the liquid. He did this in an effort to reduce shipping costs. Only powder was left – and he called this powder Kool-Aid. In 1953, General Foods bought Kool-Aid (today, Kraft Foods actually owns Kool-Aid). In the spirit of Mr. Perkins’ discovery, the town of Hastings still celebrates the birthplace of this famous summertime drink by hosting an annual festival called “Kool-Aid Days". 

Composition of Kool-Aid

So what exactly is this famous summertime drink made of? Well modern Kool-Aid products have certainly evolved since 1927. There is a lot more variety to choose from now, with Kool-Aid coming in envelopes, canisters, singles, “Jammers” and “Bursts.” 

If you’re watching your sugar intake, it’s good to know that Kool-Aid actually contains 1/3 less sugar than soda, with 16 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving. In comparison, regular soda has approximately 27 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving (it’s also a source of Vitamin C). 

Ingredients in Kool-Aid Powder

In grape Kool-Aid, for example, these are the ingredients you’ll be facing when wondering how to remove Kool-Aid stains:

  • Sugar
  • Fructose
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Artificial flavor
  • Calcium phosphate (prevents caking)
  • Citric acid (provides tartness) 

The Seven Original Kool-Aid Colors

Now that you know a bit more about the history of Kool-Aid, as well as its ingredients, let’s look at the various colors and flavors you can choose from. 

The seven original Kool-Aid colors were: grape, lemon-lime, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, root-beer and orange. When it comes to Kool-Aid stain removal, each color has the potential to stain various surfaces, so you’ll want to act quickly. 

How Much Kool-Aid is Consumed?

Each year, more than 500 million gallons of Kool-Aid are consumed. Yes, you read that correctly – 500 million gallons! In the US, Kool-Aid is actually most popular in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Whether you live in Memphis or any other city or town, when it comes time to tackle kool aid stain removal, you’ll have COIT’s guide to removing Kool-Aid stains for quick reference.