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Removing Nail Polish Stains

COIT’s Guide to Remove Nail Polish Stains

Amidst the chaos of everyday life, you finally find some downtime to pamper yourself. The house is clean, the laundry is done, and you settle in for a few hours of much needed in-home spa treatments (a bit more affordable than the nail salon if you’re trying to pinch pennies). What could possibly go wrong?

In a mere moment, you accidentally spill some nail polish. Darn it! Don’t you hate it when that one drop just happens to find the area of your shirt or your carpet that just happens to be showing? 

Nail polish stains just seem to come with the territory when it comes to pampering. Well have no fear, fellow pamperers, there is a way to remove nail polish from clothes that can be done fairly simply.

What is Nail Polish Made Of?

Before we jump right into nail polish stain removal techniques, let’s take a quick look at the ingredients in a typical bottle of nail polish.

Most nail polishes are made of nitrocellulose that’s dissolved in a solvent. Nail polish also contains:

  • Solvents
  • Coloring agents
  • Plasticizers 
  • File forming agents
  • Adhesive polymers

Nail polish also contains thickening agents. These allow the sparkling particles in suspension while in the bottle.   


The above-mentioned solutions have been known to successfully remove nail polish stains from a variety of surfaces. If you do need to use professional assistance for stain removal, explore a variety of COIT Professional Cleaning Services to learn more.