How to Remove Gum from Upholstery

COIT’s Guide to Removing Gum Stains from Upholstery

When it comes to keeping upholstery clean, it’s no easy task. With the wear and tear of daily life, the upholstery that covers furniture is bound to need a cleaning every once in a while. On top of that, with your busy schedule, it’s hard to find time to deep clean stains, right?

So what do you do when yesterday’s gum ends up stuck to your new sofa? Have no fear – with a little help from COIT, you’ll learn a few do-it-yourself ways to remove gum from furniture. Check out these methods below.

Gum Stain removal

How to Remove Gum from Upholstery – Method # 1

The first do-it-yourself method that will help you remove gum from upholstery involves a can of compressed air, a dishcloth, and some dish soap, as well as a scraper or butter knife. 

  1. Upon encountering gum that’s stuck on your upholstery, try to act as quickly as possible to prevent the gum from sticking.
  2. Using the can of compressed air, spray directly onto the gum until it freezes.
  3. Using a butter knife, scrape the gum off of the upholstery. The gum should break into pieces as you scrape it off, so you may want to have a tissue handy to catch any of it that may fall away.
  4. Using a handheld vacuum, vacuum any remaining gum residue away.
  5. Take a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water and apply it directly to the affected area of the upholstery. Doing so will clean the surface and remove any remaining gum.
  6. Place a fan in front of the upholstery to dry the stain.


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How to Remove Gum from Furniture – Method # 2

If you’ve tried that and you’re still wondering how to remove gum from upholstery, here is another at-home method you can try. 

  1.  Cut a piece of duct tape.
  2. Place the sticky side of the duct tape directly onto the gum and pull away.
  3. Keep repeating until the gum has lifted off the upholstery. 

Remove Gum from Furniture – Method # 3

If you find that there is still gum residue on the upholstery, here is another answer to the question of how to remove gum from upholstery. 

  1.  Grab a clean microfiber cloth.
  2. Pour a generous amount of solvent-based tar and adhesive remover directly onto the microfiber cloth.
  3. Before you apply to the affected area, test a small part of the upholstery to make sure the solution doesn’t cause discoloration.
  4. Once you apply the cloth to the solution (after testing), put pressure on the area in a circular motion.
  5. Follow this procedure up by cleaning the affected area with upholstery cleaner. 

If these do-it-yourself stain removal procedures still leave you wondering how to remove gum from upholstery, you may want to consider investing in professional upholstery cleaning. Coit offers a variety of specialized services that are specifically designed to refresh and revive your home’s furniture.


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Remember to always do a spot removal test on a portion of carpet or upholstery that is normally not visible. These are suggested treatments only and COIT can't be held accountable for any damage sustained by the use of the treatments in this spot removal guide.

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Home remedies not working?

If you’re still battling stubborn stains after trying these home remedies, professional cleaning may be a good option to explore. Check out COIT’s Cleaning Services to learn more about the help we can offer.

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